Vienna – a must see destination!

On the day of my move I left Sweden with my fully loaded Mini Cooper for a last ride over the famous „Oeresund-bridge“. The bridge that had been a fascinating viewpoint in front of my window for the past 7 years. The bridge that was always present every day, stable, strong and unmovable under all conditions. The bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden thus Sweden with the rest of Europe. The bridge that I had been crossing uncountable times over the years. Crossing the bridge for a final ride would now become symbolic for me to enter a new world, to begin a new chapter in my life and to take on new challenges. It was a moment of excitement and sadness.

Upon arrival in Hamburg I was scheduled to take the overnight car-train from to Vienna. It was the first time the car-train was a first-time experience and I absolutely loved it. Basic but very convenient. On the morning I arrived in Vienna I literally fell off the train right into the classroom where the training was held.
While driving my Mini off the train ramp, the very first thing I experienced upon arrival:  a Japanese tourist photographing me while I drive my Mini Cooper off the ramp – classical.

Car Train

My little Mr. Cooper ready to get a ride.

I had never been to Vienna before. In fact I have never lived in a city with more then 250 thousand inhabitants, which explains why a few things don’t come natural to me – the country girl. Traffic jams and the lack of parking space became an unusual challenge. Following Vienna’s reputation for being a cyclist-friendly city I borrowed a friends bike and decided to cycle to class every day. This would also be good chance to get me back into shape and to explore the city from a different perspective.Rooftop View with Stephansdom

Rooftop view with Stephansdom

If you have not visited Vienna yet – you should add it on top of your destination wish list. Its a must see destination! Vienna had never really been on top of my list so far. However as from my first day I absolutely fell in love with Vienna. It does not only offer a sheer variety of historical sights, I was blown away by the architecture, mouthwatering culinary treats and variety of cultural and social highlights.
For social networkers and food junkies like me –Vienna is the place to be. Just strolling around without any plan I discovered little gems at every corner.

It was the first day of my 7 weeks training course to qualify as development worker. It was also the very first day for me in Vienna. I had been on vacation for skiing in Austria many times but Vienna was different.


Famous flyer in Viennas “Prater”.


Viennas Townhouse

Statue Hofburg Vienna

Hofburg, Vienna





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